Solidity Checker[Alpha]

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5 mins of reviewing saves $3M vulnerabilities!!

Hi, I'm Nori Zkitty. I will offer "Solidity Checker" for your solidity scripts.

Solidity Checker detects the missing critical operational/transactional defects of your solidity code according to the criteria of Solidity Checklist.

The report includes the operational flow and money flow.

I'm looking for test users who can contribute to the trials!!


  • Grant a read access of your Github repository to my account
    Note: I will replace this manual process with Github Action App in the beta version!



  1. Get operational diagram with critical vulnerability markers.
    It visualises the operational architecture, and points out if the code lacks critical operational functions.
    e.g. missing setter/getter function, weak role separation: missing onlyOwner modifier/reentrancy guard of withdraw function.
    80% of common hacking incidents are able to mitigate by reviewing the vulnerability of transactional operation and role management of wallets before deployment!!

  2. Look at the Checklist

  3. Raise Github Issue Raise the Github Issue with the following remarks to show the severity of vulnerabilities on each point of Solidity Checklist.

    ✅ : No issues found.
    ⚠️ : Non-critical vulnerabilities found; x number of recomendations.
    🚫 : Critical vulnerabilities found; Can lead to loss of funds. x number of recommendations.
  4. Send Report in PDF
  5. Get a Badge on your project GitHub repo.

Problem to solve

Recently apx. 80% of smart contracts are deployed without external audit. It's because asking audit agencies or asking for bug bounty takes a lot of time and cost.
ContractAid provides 5 mins quick checker with a clear and visual explanation. No need to become a security master to deploy your dApps! Deploy your application with confidence :)


Please refer to methodology of Checklist.


  1. Replace the current manual process with a GitHub Action.


Solidity Checker cannot cover all vulnerability aspects that a manual audit can detect.

Who is a creator?

Nori Zkitty, builder of 5y+ blockchain app developer, 2x Top NFT collection at Opensea 👩‍💻

Connect with me on the following SNS!

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Solidity Checker[Alpha]

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